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YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

Top 7 YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

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Did you know studies have shown that around 90% of customers are influenced by reviews when it comes to purchasing a product? This demonstrates how much power YouTubers hold in swaying the buying decision of a viewer. And because of this power, tech companies are continuously collaborating with popular YouTube channels to promote their products.

While people love watching reviews of the latest smartphones, another category that has become very popular on YouTube is phone accessory channels. And why wouldn’t it be?

The tech crowd has always been very keen on keeping up to date with the latest releases and innovations from the smartphone industry. Hence, in this article, we will be looking at some of the most popular YouTube channels people usually turn to know about new smartphone accessories.

List of Top 7 YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

  • Mrwhosetheboss
  • Unbox Therapy
  • Tech Square
  • Excessorize Me
  • Mobile Reviews Eh!
  • Techisode TV
  • Aman Dhingra

With so many different companies entering the mobile sector with their own rendition of products that they believe will shake up the industry, it can be tough to properly judge which ones are worth purchasing. If you are in a similar boat where you want to know whether you should invest your money in a particular smartphone accessory, then here are the top YouTube channels that you should check out!

1. Mrwhosetheboss

YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

Arun Maini, more popularly known as Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube, began posting videos on YouTube almost a decade ago. He is one of the go-to YouTube channels for people who are looking for in-depth reviews on smartphones and phone accessories. And the reason behind his popularity can be pinpointed to his engaging personality and over-the-top edits.

Mrwhosetheboss was featured in many renowned publications like The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, Business Insider, etc. due to his contribution as a content creator on YouTube. Currently, Arun has 12.4 million subscribers on his channel with a total view count of 2 billion+. However, what makes him truly stand out is that, unlike other big tech reviewers who primarily focus on the offerings from large conglomerates, Mr.whosetheboss always makes time to shine some light on smaller companies.

He picks out interesting phone accessories from lesser-known brands and features them on his channel, which gives smaller companies an opportunity to collaborate with one of the biggest tech personalities on YouTube.

2. Unbox Therapy

YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

The main gimmick of Unbox Therapy, if you haven’t figured it out from the name, is to unbox different kinds of tech products in front of the camera. While it may not sound too exciting on paper, Unbox Therapy primarily focuses on reviewing out-of-the-box products (pun intended) that people aren’t usually aware of. Similar to Mrwhosetheboss, Unbox Therapy has also been involved in the YouTube tech scene for more than 10 years.

And throughout this period, more than 18 million people have subscribed to the channel. While products from brands like Apple, Dell, Tesla, etc. can be regularly seen featured on the channel, Unbox Therapy also takes the time to highlight smaller companies that are trying to be innovative, especially phone accessory manufacturers. So, if you have a unique product that you want to get featured, then Unbox Therapy can be a great partner to collaborate with.

3. Tech Square

YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

If you are looking for a dedicated channel that mainly focuses on phone accessories and other interesting tech like drones, go-pros, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, fast chargers, etc., then we highly recommend that you check out Tech Square’s YouTube channel.

While other high-profile channels focus on mainstream products, Tech Square takes the time to showcase smaller brands on its channel. The channel features reviews, news, informative, and list videos that center around the on-goings of the tech industry.

For a channel that was created just a few years ago, Tech Square has already garnered around 10 million views with a subscriber base of 22K+. This gives smaller tech brands a unique opportunity to get their products in front of the public eye by collaborating with Tech Square.

4. Excessorize Me

YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

Excessorize Me is arguably the most popular channel for all types of accessories, including smartphone accessories. This channel is an easy recommendation for people who are looking to buy inexpensive phone accessories and gadgets, usually below the $100 range.

Most of the content available on the channel is list videos and mainly revolves around EDCs and tech products. Moreover, these videos are titled in a very engaging way, which allows viewers to quickly glance at a video and know what it is all about.

As of the time of writing, Excessorize Me has built a subscriber base of 1 million people. But what’s more impressive is that the channel now has more than 270 million views, which is a massive achievement! Products from both small and large brands are featured regularly on the Excessorize Me. And it is a great channel for smartphone accessory makers to partner with.

5. Mobile Reviews Eh!

YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

Similar to Excessorize Me, Mobile Reviews Eh is a YouTube channel that specializes in making videos on phone accessories. However, the differentiating factor here is that the channel mainly focuses on Apple accessories.

So, if you use Apple devices like iPhones or iPads, then staying up-to-date with this channel can be beneficial as you will get to know all about the newest and coolest phone accessories that are available in the market.

So far, Mobile Reviews Eh has showcased iPhone cases, screen protectors, MagSafe wallets, Apple Watch straps, phone grips, and many other accessories that can come in handy. And the core driving factor for why the channel currently has 381K subscribers and approximately 68 million+ views is – Mobile Reviews Eh makes authentic content after properly using the products highlighted.

That means, if a product says that it is waterproof, then the channel tests it by dipping it in water. If you are interested in seeing your product tested and reviewed by Mobile Reviews Eh, then check out the channel to get more information.

6. Techisode TV

YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

What’s unique about Techisode TV is that the channel revolves around uncovering some of the most hidden features in today’s tech and discovering cool new smartphone accessories that people are not generally familiar with.

Using this tactic of enticing the viewer’s curiosity, the channel grew exponentially and now has 283K+ subscribers with more than 55 million views. The host of the channel has made it quite clear that any brand that wants to get its product featured needs to first prove itself.

This goes to show that the content creator has a genuine passion for the videos he makes. So, if your product is of high quality and you want to get it featured, then Techisode TV is a great option.

7. Aman Dhingra

YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

Aman Dhingra is an Indian YouTuber who resides in Delhi. He is a professional graphics designer by day and a tech enthusiast by night. Most of his content is centered around phone accessories like smart watches, wireless earbuds, headphones, and other cool geeky products.

Unfortunately, as interesting as his content is, since he speaks in Hindi, it may not appeal to an international audience as they may not understand the language. Yet still, Aman Dhingra has been able to capture the hearts and minds of his audience.

The channel currently stands at 357K subscribers with over 73 million views. Given the massive popularity of smartphone accessories in India, having your product showcased in a channel like that is likely to build up your brand image while also generating more revenue.

Ending Thoughts

To wrap up, these 7 YouTube channels for phone accessories are highly recommended to those who are looking to find interesting gizmos to use with their smart devices.

You can get a pretty decent idea about what kind of phone accessories are recommended and which ones you should avoid.

This will make your purchasing decision much simpler, while also allowing you to know everything you need before making your decision