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Product Review Channels on YouTube

Top 8 Product Review Channels on YouTube

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A survey shows 64% to 85% of viewers are likely to buy or make a purchase decision after watching a product video. So, it’s clear that product review videos are quite popular among customers as part of their pre-purchase research. 

On YouTube, unboxing videos have developed into a surprisingly lucrative niche. These kinds of channels include a wide variety of products. Toys and tech gadgets, however, are the two most popular categories of YouTube product review videos.

The reason why people love product review videos so much is that it allows us to see someone else use a new device and point out all the pros and cons of it before we put our own money on the line. 

From the latest phones and laptops to coffee machines and blenders, product reviews or unboxing videos are available for a wide variety of electronic products. Some product review videos could be educational as well.

For example, there are videos that demonstrate how to utilize a particular makeup product once they have been opened. Moreover, product unboxing videos like Kinder Surprise Eggs have garnered more than 43 million views, so it’s needless to say that reviews of toys among kids are widely popular. 

Top 8 Product Review Channels on YouTube

Since product review videos have become an integral part of the online buying experience, here’s a list of the top product review channels on YouTube for you to explore. 

1. Ryan’s World

Product Review Channels on YouTube

Ryan’s wildly popular channel – Ryan’s World, has more than 33 million subscribers that are spread across different age demographics. The channel features videos of him opening boxes, playing with toys, and giving his impressions.

Moreover, Ryan’s videos get around 277.59 million views per month. His product videos are pretty hilarious too, as it consists of Ryan’s genuine reaction to the toy he’s reviewing. There is a video of Ryan opening the famous Disney Pixar Toy Story surprise golden giant egg, which was filled with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Jessie, Rex The Dinosaur, Hamm, and Emperor Zurg toys. Just this video alone got a total of 38M views.

However, Ryan now has a far larger collection of toys than what a typical child could have, which can lead to an unreasonable expectation of desiring a collection like that. So, you may want to be careful before allowing your children to view the channel and its content.

  • Subscribers: 33M+
  • Views: 53B+
  • Joined: Mar 17, 2015

2. Unbox Therapy

Product Review Channels on YouTube

Next up is Unbox Therapy, which is one of the most popular tech YouTube channels on the platform. The channel is known for making videos on the latest smartphones to the coolest gadgets and technology on the planet.

It boasts around 18.2 million subscribers and 4.3 billion views. Canadian Lewis Hilsenteger is the host of this channel. Lewis reviews and uncovers a wide variety of products, including automobiles, bags, extremely costly items, and low-cost daily items that may improve your life.

Along with unboxing videos, Unbox Therapy includes content featuring interesting lists, incredible deals, and fun tests, with headlines like “Does It Suck?” The reviews are not only informative, but it is precise and straight to the point.

  • Subscribers: 18.2M
  • Views: 4B+
  • Joined: Dec 21, 2010

3. Marques Brownlee

Product Review Channels on YouTube

Marques Brownlee is a verified YouTube channel that was created in 2008, and now it has 16.8 million subscribers and has generated more than 3 billion views. The channel is hosted by American YouTuber – Marques Brownlee, who is also known as MKBHD. His nickname is made out of his initials (MKB) and High Definition (HD).

He combines reviews of products requested by his audience with the information provided to him by tech companies. He does, however, make it clear that he only reviews products that interest his audience of tech enthusiasts.

Additionally, the channel offers Q&As and easy-to-digest top 5 lists. He occasionally throws in a few humorous skits based on the latest news and technology. Vic Gundotra, a former senior vice president in charge of social media at Google, referred to Brownlee as “the finest technology critic on the planet right now.”

  • Subscribers: 16.4M
  • Views: 3B+
  • Joined: Mar 21, 2008

4. Nikkie Tutorials

Product Review Channels on YouTube

In the makeup world, there are hardly any people that don’t know De Jager, who is the creator of NikkieTutorials. NikkieTutorials was established in 2008 after getting inspiration from Lauren Conrad’s ‘The Hills’ cosmetics. However, she racked up a huge number of followers after her 2015 transformational video on “The Power of Makeup” went viral.

Her channel has close to 14 million subscribers. She has several series that showcase her favorite to least favorite brands and products with video titles like “World’s Best” and “Hits” and “Oh God No’’. She even lays out the pros and cons of each type of makeup product in her videos to help prospective buyers choose a product that are suitable for them.

In her channel, she not only reviews the prominent brands of makeup, but also digs out brands and products that you didn’t know existed. The beauty YouTuber has done makeup videos featuring celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore on her channel and collaborated with several beauty brands like Ofra and Maybelline.

  • Subscribers: 14M
  • Views: 1.6B
  • Joined: Jun 23, 2008

5. Dope or Nope

Product Review Channels on YouTube

Dope or Nope is a comedy unboxing review channel where the reviewer – Matthias Fredrick, determines whether a particular item is good (dope) or bad (nope). He and his office mates review a diverse range of products in a comedic fashion.

The channel covers some of the most coolest and weirdest things from tech gadgets to mugs and desk toys. Although he has frequently altered the nature of his YouTube videos throughout the years, his current emphasis is on comedic unboxing videos.

He uploads videos into playlists such as, “Strange Things on Amazon” and “Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!” He also makes videos on obscure topics such as “10 iPhone Accessories with Unexpected Features!” and “Unboxing 10 MYSTERY Products from an ABANDONED Storage Unit!”. Using this approach, he now has more than 7 million subscribers and has generated more than 2 billion views for his channel. 

  • Subscribers: 7M+
  • Views: 2B+
  • Joined: Aug 11, 2011

6. Skincare By Hyrem

Product Review Channels on YouTube

With a subscriber base of more than 4.5 million, 26-year-old Hyram Yarbro is one of the very best beauty YouTubers out there. He’s a skin care specialist, facilitating skin consultations daily.

Thus, he does his best to research ingredients, products, and skin care strategies from a scientifically proven standpoint before posting a review of any skincare product in his channel.

Hyram is very conscious of his audience’s demands and requirements, therefore, along with including high-end products, he constantly looks for methods to include affordable skincare remedies.

  • Subscribers: 4M+
  • Views: 400M+
  • Joined: Nov 17, 2015

7. QrewTV

Product Review Channels on YouTube

One of the most well-known online personalities for sneakers is Qias Omar. He has more than 1.4 million people subscribed to his sneaker-focused YouTube channel – QrewTV. It’s one of the best YouTube channels that focuses on all types of sneakers.

His content primarily centers around him going to different sneakers stores and buying the most outrageous pairs to review and compare them for his audience. He also shares his thoughts on his massive sneaker collection so the audience can make better purchase decisions.

Furthermore, he also owns a sneaker shop called Off The Bench, where he hopes to bring the aura of New York City sneaker culture to San Diego.

  • Subscribers: 1M+
  • Views: 300M+
  • Joined: Mar 6, 2012

8. Automate Your Life

Product Review Channels on YouTube

If you’re just getting started building a smart home, and want to figure out which products are worth the hype, then Automate Your Life will help you through that journey. This channel is hosted by Brian Read and boasts 136K subscribers with 22,107,759 views as of the time of writing.

He has a series called the “best new smart products” – like the November or December edition, where he reviews all the latest smart home appliances so that his audience can make an educated purchase decision.

Moreover, there are also complete set-up videos of devices like the Echo Dot, Google Home Mini, or any other cutting-edge smart home gadget, so you can search for them anytime you require help with setting them up.

  • Subscribers: 137K+
  • Views: 22M+
  • Joined: May 15, 2017

Ending Thoughts

The goal of these channels is to produce entertaining videos that encourage viewers to check out more of their product review content. Moreover, each of these channels has the propensity to focus on a specific product category making it easier for an audience to get the content they want.