Top YouTube Influencers For SAAS Business

Top YouTube Influencers For SAAS Business

Software as a Service (SaaS) is considered one of the major components of cloud computing. And according to Fortune Business Insight, the software as a service market is expected to grow 716.52 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 27.5%? On top of that corporate spending on cloud computing has grown to 20% more in 2022. […]

What Companies Use Influencer Marketing? Know The Brands That Got Amazing Results!

What Companies Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is used by most major brands. For instance, if you are a football fan, then you have probably seen your favorite player featured in at least one Nike or Adidas commercial. These mega-brands use celebrity influencers to promote their products and increase their brand value. Moreover, online personalities like YouTubers also collaborate with […]

Does Influencer Marketing Increase Sales? Everything You Need To Know!

Does Influencer Marketing Increase Sales

Influencers have become a force to reckon with in the marketing world. A strong recommendation from a well-reputed influencer is enough to boost a brand’s growth through the roof. On the flip side, a single negative review is also sufficient to destroy a brand’s entire credibility. This just goes to show how much power influencers […]

Top 7 YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

YouTube Channels For Phone Accessories

Did you know studies have shown that around 90% of customers are influenced by reviews when it comes to purchasing a product? This demonstrates how much power YouTubers hold in swaying the buying decision of a viewer. And because of this power, tech companies are continuously collaborating with popular YouTube channels to promote their products. […]

Top 8 Product Review Channels on YouTube

Product Review Channels on YouTube

A survey shows 64% to 85% of viewers are likely to buy or make a purchase decision after watching a product video. So, it’s clear that product review videos are quite popular among customers as part of their pre-purchase research.  On YouTube, unboxing videos have developed into a surprisingly lucrative niche. These kinds of channels […]

Guide to Organic Influencer Marketing and Benefits

Organic Influencer Marketing

Did you know that 93% of marketers use influencer marketing in their campaigns and advertising strategy? A study has shown that the influencer market reached an astounding $13.8 billion in 2021, and this year it’s projected to expand to a $16.4 billion industry. So, there’s no denying that influencer marketing holds great power to drive […]

How To Plan Your Influencer Marketing Budget?

Influencer Marketing Budget

Although influencer rates vary a lot depending on the platform, engagement rate, audience size, and other elements, planning the budget for your influencer program is an important step for any business. According to Statista, 39% of brand managers are eager to spend 10% to 20% of their budgets on influencer marketing. And not to mention, […]

How to Find the Perfect Influencers for Your Niche?

Influencers for Your Niche

An influencer is someone who is widely known and perceived as a trusted figure by a large number of people. Generally, influencers are considered to be a reliable source of information for their audience, as they share a common interest with them in regards to interests like traveling, gaming, etc. So, Influencer marketing involves using […]

How To Find Youtube Influencers for Your Brand?

Youtube Influencers

With the explosion in the popularity of influencers, marketers are now scrambling to find the best YouTube influencers for the brands they work with. YouTube is the second highest-visited website worldwide, right behind its parent company Google. There are approximately 1.5 million to 5 million YouTube influencers, according to EarthWeb. Thus, brands have a strong […]