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What Skills Do You Need To Be A Youtuber?

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Youtuber?

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YouTube is enormous with 2.7 billion active users each month. Regular people can now be famous, like Pewdiepie or MrBeast. YouTube is where new stars are born.

But being a YouTuber isn’t just having a camera and the internet. It’s more complicated. People try and fail for years before they succeed. Here the question arises – what skills do you need to be a YouTuber? 

Starting a YouTube channel is exciting and challenging. You need to be good at lots of stuff, like making cool videos and talking to people. We made a list of the technical and practical skills to learn to be a successful YouTuber, whether you like beauty, games, or just talking about your life. These things will help you make awesome videos that people will love.

Remember, if you work hard and never stop learning, you can be a big deal on YouTube. Let’s begin!

YouTuber: Dream Job For Young People

Being a YouTuber can provide a platform to express creativity, share personal experiences, and showcase talents to a global audience. 

Additionally, the potential for generating income through ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales is also a motivating factor for many aspiring YouTubers. The flexibility and autonomy that come with creating and managing one’s content on YouTube further contribute to its appeal as a desirable career choice.

This is why, three-quarters of GenZ and Millennials pick being a YouTuber or establishing their career in online video making as their dream job, reported by The Sun.  Even older folks feel the same. Now, here’s the thing – Is it smart to leave your job and try to be a YouTuber? Or is it a good idea to make YouTube your first-ever job?

Technical Skills Required To Be A Youtuber

You might not usually think of “technical” and “YouTuber” together. People mostly use words like “influencer” or “trendsetter” for YouTubers, but technology is a part of everything on YouTube.

This part will talk about the skills you need for the technical stuff, like looking at your channel’s numbers and editing your videos.


If you’re really serious about growing on YouTube, you need to do something called “keyword research.” This means you figure out what words people type when they want to watch videos like yours. These words could be anything related to your topic, like “how to make pizza at home,” “top travel destinations,” or something else. If you know what people are looking for, you can make videos about those things.

However, not all keywords are made equal. Some keywords are highly popular on YouTube, which is great, but they are also quite challenging to rank well for in search results. Take the phrase “Marvel movies in 2023” as an example. 

research in Google Trends

If you use tools like Google Trends, you’ll discover that people find good interest in this term. And, it’s also one of the most competitive subjects on YouTube, making it difficult to gain substantial views for videos related to it.

YouTube SEO

SEO is short for search engine optimization. On YouTube, it means putting the right words in your video titles and descriptions so the YouTube system knows what your video is about.

When YouTube knows your video, it can show it when people search or suggest it to more viewers. This gets you more views.

YouTube SEO

For instance, we look for “AMAZON PRIME DAY Tech Deals” a lot on YouTube. Top 10 Zone’s audience is mostly tech-savvy people who look forward to buying things at budget-friendly deals, so using that phrase helps this video get noticed by the right people.

Video Production

Making a video can involve some technical stuff, even simple YouTube videos. Depending on what you’re making, you might need to learn things like:

  • Sound tricks (getting a good microphone, avoiding windy noises)
  • Making your space look good on camera
  • Lighting (knowing how to light up your area)
  • Video quality (choosing the right camera and extras for awesome shots)

Some creators choose an easy path. They use natural light (by a window) and stay inside to avoid noisy sounds. Some even use their phones as microphones.

We’ve also seen people recording with an iPhone. So, the gear you need depends on what your videos are about.

Graphic Design

Graphics designing skill is essential for YouTubers due to YouTube’s visual nature. It’s pivotal for crafting eye-catching thumbnails that entice clicks and creating channel art for brand identity. Additionally, graphics skills help enhance video quality by adding on-screen graphics and elements, making content more engaging and informative. 

In a crowded YouTube landscape, the ability to stand out, effectively convey information, and maintain a consistent visual presence is crucial. Whether it’s creating compelling visuals, ensuring brand cohesion, or elevating overall video quality, graphics designing skill plays a vital role in the success of a YouTuber’s channel.

Video Editing

Video editing skill is crucial for becoming a YouTuber because it lets you create polished and engaging content. When you edit your videos well, you can cut out mistakes, add interesting effects, and keep your audience hooked. It’s like giving your video a professional touch that keeps viewers coming back for more.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Youtuber?


While YouTube’s video recommendations are solid, a little extra promotion can go a long way.

Consider starting a Facebook page for your channel and sharing your content there. You could also break down longer videos into bite-sized Instagram Reels or TikToks. To truly differentiate yourself, sharing valuable videos in online communities can be effective (as long as they address community needs).

And here’s a kicker: YouTube actually encourages sharing videos beyond their platform. 

Channel Analytics

Understanding channel analytics is crucial for aspiring YouTubers because:

  • Insight into Audience: Analytics provide valuable data about your audience’s demographics, locations, and behaviors, aiding content tailoring.
  • Content Strategy: Viewing metrics like watch time and engagement helps identify what type of content resonates, aiding future video planning.
  • Performance Evaluation: Tracking views, likes, and comments gauge video performance and helps refine your approach.
  • Audience Retention: Analyzing audience drop-off points refines content pacing, ensuring viewer retention.
  • Monetization and Growth: Analytics help fulfill YouTube Partner Program requirements for monetization and track growth over time.
  • Effective Improvements: Data-driven decisions foster continuous improvement, leading to higher-quality content and audience engagement.

Understanding Of the Platform

Lastly, Understanding the YouTube platform is crucial for becoming a better YouTuber. It enables creators to optimize their content by tailoring it to YouTube’s algorithms, increasing visibility and recommendations. This understanding also enhances engagement by leveraging features like comments, likes, and community posts to connect with the audience more effectively.

Furthermore, a grasp of YouTube’s monetization rules is crucial for meeting requirements that lead to ad revenue and channel growth. Interpreting metrics such as watch time and audience retention becomes more effective when creators comprehend the platform’s dynamics, enabling informed content adjustments.

Strategic content planning benefits from knowing trends, genres, and user preferences prevalent on YouTube. Additionally, understanding the platform’s policies is important to ensure compliance and avoid content removal or penalties that could hinder channel progress.

Moreover, utilizing features like live streams and stories fosters a sense of community among subscribers, nurturing a loyal audience base. Lastly, staying updated with platform changes and emerging trends enhances adaptability, enabling creators to embrace new features and trends effectively.

Practical Tips to Get Started As a YouTuber

Certainly, being a YouTuber involves more than just filming, uploading, and monitoring views. The journey encompasses various aspects, demanding soft skills to effectively expand your audience. These skills encompass storytelling, collaboration, and the perseverance required for starting from scratch.


Collaborating with other YouTubers can greatly benefit your channel, and networking skills play a big role here. When you connect with fellow creators, you open doors to potential collaborations that can introduce your content to new audiences. This can lead to increased subscribers, views, and overall channel growth.

Moreover, networking enhances your presence in the YouTube community. Building relationships with other creators fosters a supportive environment where you can exchange ideas, advice, and even promotional strategies. 

It can also create opportunities for cross-promotion, allowing both you and your collaborator to gain from the shared exposure.


Creativity is at the heart of YouTube videos. Video as a medium allows for artistic expression, and this is why continually producing fresh and distinctive content is crucial to attracting attention and garnering subscribers.

Merely chasing the latest trends on the platform can result in your videos blending in with the masses. Providing viewers with something distinctive and crafting original video content is more likely to ignite their interest and prompt clicks on your YouTube videos.

However, it’s essential to strike a balance and avoid becoming one of those overbearing “influencers.” It’s about maintaining authenticity while keeping the creative spark alive in your content.

Communication and Storytelling

Communication is the foundation of a successful YouTube channel. At its core, it involves speaking clearly and with confidence while recording videos. Learning the fundamentals of storytelling is also valuable. Take time to watch your preferred YouTubers or draw inspiration from channels similar to yours. Observing how others shape their videos from beginning to end can be an insightful learning experience.

If you’re seeking more guidance, a storytelling structure consistently proves effective:

  • Video Hook/Intro: Begin with an engaging introduction to grab viewers’ attention.
  • Rising Action: Build momentum and interest as you delve deeper into your content.
  • Climax: Reach the peak of your narrative, where the most significant points are shared.
  • Falling Action: Gradually transition from the climax, summarizing key takeaways.
  • Cliffhanger: End with a tease, suggesting another video from your channel to keep viewers engaged.

Mastering these communication skills and storytelling techniques will greatly enhance your YouTube presence.

Consistency and Work Ethic

Every YouTube channel starts from scratch with zero subscribers. If your videos aren’t attracting immediate attention, keep in mind that viewers might discover and watch them later.

At the beginning, your primary goal should be crafting high-quality content. As your audience expands, YouTube’s algorithms will begin recommending your older videos to your loyal viewers.

So, for now, give it your all. Let your audience know how frequently you’ll be posting videos and make sure to stick to that schedule. Being consistent and delivering engaging content are key factors in building a trustworthy and enjoyable YouTube channel!

Community Engagement

As your channel grows, it’s important to connect with your dedicated viewers.

Here are some ways to reinforce the bond between you and your audience:

  • Engage with Comments: Respond to comments on your YouTube videos.
  • Interactive Polls: Use the YouTube Community tab to conduct interesting polls.
  • Giveaways: Organize small giveaways on your channel.
  • Channel Membership: Consider starting a Channel Membership to reward loyal supporters.

The foundation of building a community lies in being sincere, genuine, and open. Stay true to yourself, allowing your viewers to connect with the real you.

The best way to make money from YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel might not primarily be about making money. You could simply love creating videos and connecting with your audience. Yet, you can also earn while enjoying the experience of being a YouTuber.

Here are a few ways to make money on YouTube:

YouTube Partner

You have the option to make money from your YouTube channel by becoming a YouTube Partner, earning revenue through displayed ads on your videos. However, this is possible once you reach 1,000 subscribers and accumulate 4,000 watch hours within a year.

It’s important to note that for monetization, viewers must either watch the ad for a specific duration or click on it for them to earn money. Regarding payment, various factors come into play. On average, YouTube earns $18 per 1000 views from advertisers. And, a YouTube Partner makes around 55 percent of that payment. This implies that to generate a full-time income, you’d require a substantial number of views, potentially in the millions.


Having a sizable following on other social media platforms can expedite audience growth on YouTube, facilitating your journey toward becoming a prominent influencer relatively quickly.

Leveraging your influence, you can collaborate with brands or secure sponsorships to endorse their offerings. This involves reviewing products, hosting giveaways, or seamlessly integrating their products into your videos. Such partnerships not only offer monetary compensation but also opportunities to receive complimentary products and services from the brands.

Sell Products

Selling products as a YouTuber can be a profitable venture. By offering items related to your content, you engage your audience and create a direct connection. 

Relevant products cater to their interests while extending your brand’s reach beyond YouTube. This approach provides a new income stream alongside ads and sponsorships. 

It also maintains your creative control and strengthens your community. Unlike one-time sponsorships, product sales offer ongoing earnings, ensuring a sustainable revenue source. 

Overall, selling products aligns with your content, engages viewers, and fosters a loyal audience while generating income.


As a YouTuber, you can explore crowdfunding as a way to fund your channel and projects. This involves receiving one-time or recurring donations to sustain content creation or accomplish specific undertakings.

Effective crowdfunded projects often feature trailer videos that generate excitement and encourage support. These trailers also serve as compelling pitches for your ideas, attracting donations from viewers or subscribers. Ensure you highlight why your project is valuable and what supporters can gain from contributing financially.

Crowdfunding provides a unique avenue to gather resources for your initiatives, leveraging viewer support to fuel your creative pursuits and drive meaningful projects forward.

Wrapping Up

Lots of young folks dream of being YouTubers these days. If that’s you, remember that growing a YouTube channel takes time and patience. It’s a good idea to get hands-on experience making content and handling a YouTube channel, even if you’re not looking for a full-time YouTube career. You can also do it on the side.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your brand

No matter your approach, being consistent is really important. Try to put out new videos at least once a week and be active on other social media sites besides YouTube. That way, more people will get to know about your channel. Just remember, whether it’s your main thing or something on the side, success on YouTube takes sticking with it and getting the word out in different places.