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Top 8 Youtube Channels For Portable Speaker Review

Top 8 Youtube Channels For Portable Speaker Review

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As much as we like to listen to music all by ourselves with earphones or earbuds, it is sharing that musical moment with everyone that is magical. However, it’s not always easy to carry a music system with us everywhere. But thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, we now have access to portable bluetooth speakers that are able to produce high-quality sound. This is why portable bluetooth speakers have gained immense popularity in recent years. They are portable and convenient, allowing users to enjoy music anywhere as they want without having to deal with wires or heavy equipment. You can simply connect your smartphones or other devices wirelessly to the speaker, making it easy to stream music from anywhere.

List of the top YouTube channels for portable speaker review

  • Unbox therapy
  • Mike O’Brien
  • Top 10 Zone
  • Top Tech Now 
  • Techsquare
  • True Techy
  • Smart Home Sounds
  • Sound Lab

1. Unbox Therapy

  • Joined: Dec 21, 2010
  • Subscriber: 18.2M
  • Views: 4,427,161,375

Unbox Therapy is one of the most popular and well-renowned YouTube tech based channels, which was founded by Lewis George Hilsenteger, a Canadian content creator.  As a reviewer, the channel has established itself as one of the most reliable sources of information for anyone looking to purchase a new portable speaker. With a unique gray background and very simple style of thumbnail, this channel stands out among many.  The channel’s reviews are in-depth and comprehensive, covering everything from design and build quality to sound performance and battery life. Unbox Therapy also has a keen eye for the latest and greatest gadgets on the market, which means viewers can expect to see reviews of the most cutting-edge portable speakers as soon as they hit the shelves. Another notable aspect of Unbox Therapy’s reviews is their impartiality. The channel’s host, Lewis Hilsenteger, is known for giving honest and unbiased assessments of the products he reviews, and he doesn’t hold back when he encounters a product with flaws. This means viewers can trust that they’re getting a fair and accurate representation of the products they’re interested in. In addition to reviews, Unbox Therapy also provides helpful buying guides for those in the market for a new portable speaker. These guides break down the features and specs of various products and provide recommendations based on different use cases and budgets. Overall, Unbox Therapy is an excellent resource for anyone looking to purchase a new portable speaker. The channel’s in-depth reviews, impartiality, and expertise make it a reliable source of information that viewers can trust. Whether you’re a casual listener or a serious audiophile, Unbox Therapy has something for everyone.

2. Mike O’Brien

  • Joined: Jan 12, 2018
  • Subscriber: 40,700
  • Views: 85,205,316

Mike O’Brien is a well-known tech reviewer on YouTube who reviews multiple tech related gadgets and tools. He also specializes in reviewing portable speakers. With a passion for sound quality and a keen eye for design, he has built a loyal following of tech enthusiasts who trust his opinions and insights. His reviews are known for their beautiful layouts and use of backgrounds in videos. It gives an aesthetic outlook. He makes sure viewers get a very relaxed vibe from his videos despite him being a tech based content creator. Mike’s reviews are known for their thoroughness and attention to detail. He covers all the key features of each speaker, from battery life to connectivity options, and provides a clear and objective assessment of its performance. He also puts each speaker through its paces in real-world scenarios, such as outdoor settings and crowded rooms, to give viewers a sense of how it will perform in different environments. He has a deep understanding of audio engineering and is able to explain technical concepts in such a way that is easily understandable by non-experts. He listens to a wide range of music genres and uses each speaker to its full potential, providing nuanced insights into the sound quality and overall listening experience.

3. Top 10 Zone

  • Joined: Jul 5, 2016
  • Subscriber: 558,000
  • Views: 70,985,756

Top 10 Zone is a prominent YouTube channel known for its expertise in creating top 10 lists of different consumer products, including portable speakers. It is run by a group of skilled product researchers who provide thorough analysis of the most exceptional tech based products like sound systems, survival and tactical gear, gaming devices, home appliances, tools, kitchen gadgets, etc. The channel also gives exceptional reviews on portable speakers. They show different aspects of the product, including design, features, sound quality, and durability. They also do a side-by-side comparison of similar speakers in the market to help viewers make  an informed decision when buying a product. Top 10 Zone’s videos are visually appealing, featuring close-up shots of the speaker’s buttons, ports, and other features. They also showcase the speakers in action with audio clips of different music genres, enabling viewers to assess the sound quality of the speakers. With over half a million subscribers, Top 10 Zone has established itself as a trusted source for product reviews and comparisons. Their videos are well-researched, informative, and engaging, making them an excellent resource for people looking to buy a portable speaker.

4. Top Tech Now 

  • Joined: Jan 15, 2019
  • Subscriber: 182K 
  • Views: 54,818,779 

Top Tech Now is a tech-based listicle review YouTube channel. It reviews different types of gadgets including portable speakers. The channel is run by a tech enthusiast who goes by the name “TTN” and has garnered a significant following due to their in-depth and honest reviews. They pay attention to the build quality and design of the speakers, and provide insightful commentary on the features that set each speaker apart from others in the market and make a list of those aspects. They list products based on their true merit and pricing so that viewers can understand which product is best within their budget. The channel discusses various features such as battery life, sound quality, and connectivity options for each product. The reviews are presented in an engaging and entertaining manner with witty commentary. If you are looking for a channel for listicles without having to go through time-consuming reviews, then this channel is the perfect pick for you. 

5. Techsquare

  • Joined: Feb 26, 2019
  • Subscriber: 2390
  • Views: 10,495,518 

“Techsquare” is dedicated to reviewing tech based products where they also give extensive reviews on portable speakers and other audio products as well. The channel is run by a team of tech lovers who go by the name “Techsquare” and has garnered a significant following within a very short time. They cover products like smart watches, Apple products, portable speakers, notebook laptops, and any new tech products in the market. They make sure they review products from budget options to high-end models, and give detailed information on each product’s features, design, and performance. They also do hand-to-hand comparison of products to clearly show the distinction between the two. The channel utilizes high-quality microphones and audio equipment to capture the nuances of each product’s sound output. Techsquare provides detailed analysis of each speaker’s sound profile, including bass response, midrange clarity, and treble definition. This level of attention to detail helps viewers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of speakers. Techsquare’s videos are well-shot and edited, making for an enjoyable viewing experience. The channel also features a clean and easy-to-navigate layout, with each review clearly labeled and categorized.

6. True Techy

  • Joined: June 17, 2017
  • Subscribers: 315,000
  • Views: 49,627,023 

“True Techy” is a popular YouTube channel based in India that focuses on reviewing portable speakers and other audio products. The channel is run by a tech enthusiast named Abhinav Panwar who is also referred to as  “True Techy”. The channel has amassed a significant following due to its thorough and informative reviews. One of the key features of “True Techy” is the channel’s focus on budget-friendly products. The reviews cover a wide range of affordable speakers and audio accessories, making it a valuable resource for viewers who are looking for quality audio products that won’t break the bank. And on top of focusing on budget-friendly products, True Techy still provides detailed analysis of each product’s features, design, and performance. On top of that, Panwat also has an individualistic touch to his videos because he makes sure he shows his personality often by injecting humor and personal anecdotes into the commentary. Apart from reviewing many other tech based products, the channel also reviews every new speaker in the market. Panwar utilizes high-quality audio equipment to accurately capture and evaluate each product’s sound profile. True Techy provides detailed commentary on factors such as bass response, midrange clarity, and treble definition, making it easy for viewers to understand each product’s sound characteristics. Overall, the channel comes across as different due to how relatable it is to the Indian demographic. 

7. Smart Home Sounds

  • Joined: Mar 11, 2014
  • Subscriber: 83,900
  • Views: 19,633,434

Founded by ex-English rugby player Andy Hazell, “Smart Home Sounds” is a famous YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing smart home gadgets and tech based products. The channel is run by a team of audio enthusiasts who provide in-depth and comprehensive reviews of a wide range of products. The channel also reviews home music systems and portable bluetooth speakers. The reviews cover different types of premium speakers and audio accessories, making it a valuable resource for audiophiles and music lovers who are looking for the best audio quality. In addition to that, the channel also talks about a very important aspect of the tech industry and that is identifying fake products from real ones. There are numerous fake speakers in the market. What they do is a whole comparison between a real and fake product. This is very helpful for people who are not tech junkies and cannot identify real products. In brief, they always maintain their integrity while reviewing products, specially sound products since they have a high probability for being fake. Andy Hazell, James Butler, Amelia Adams, and Emily Phillips are the people who review the different products at different times for the channel, so that you can get a diverse vibe from the channel.

8. Tech Bar

  • Joined Feb 25, 2012
  • 3.55M subscribers
  • Views: 584,845,654

Tech Bar is a popular Indian YouTube channel owned by Sanchit Shokeen. The channel has gained a significant following because of Sanchit’s fun and relatable personality. Tech Bar’s reviewers have a keen ear for sound quality and are able to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of each speaker, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking to purchase a new portable speaker. One of the different aspects of Tech Bar’s reviews is their focus on the Indian market. The channel’s reviewers take into account the unique needs and preferences of Indian consumers, providing valuable insights into which speakers are best suited for them. This makes the channel an excellent resource for anyone looking to purchase a portable speaker in India. Tech Bar’s reviewers are also known for their entertaining and engaging presentation style. The videos are well-produced and feature high-quality visuals and sound, making them enjoyable to watch. Tech Bar maintains honesty and integrity. The channel’s reviews are detailed, informative, and entertaining, making it an excellent resource for Indian consumers looking to make an informed purchase.

  • Wrapping up

Bluetooth speakers offer high-quality sound and are available in a range of sizes and prices to suit different needs and budgets. Many of these speakers also come with advanced features like water resistance, voice control, and multi-device connectivity. The rise of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and picnics has contributed to the growing demand for portable Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are designed to be durable and rugged, making them ideal for outdoor use. With the proliferation of music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, people now have access to vast libraries of music on their smartphones. Portable Bluetooth speakers allow users to share their music with friends and family, making them ideal for parties and gatherings. In summary, the convenience, high-quality sound, and versatile features of portable Bluetooth speakers have made them a popular choice for music lovers around the world.