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Top Micro-Influencer Agencies Every Brand Should Know About

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Influencer marketing is currently one of the highest sales-generating strategies. Whereas businesses may feel the urge to be endorsed by celebrity influencers, it may not be the best way to go. Statistics have proven that micro-influencers are now dominating social media platforms.

As 91% of engagement posts come from micro-influencers and 82% of consumers trust their recommendations, brands are now using micro-influencers ten times more often than celebrity influencers. In fact, 77% of marketers voted micro-influencers as the most effective and profitable influencer group to work with.

However, finding the right micro-influencer and running an effective influencer marketing campaign requires expertise and experience in influencer management. If you have no prior experience in this, it’s highly likely that your valuable investment in this will be wasted as you wander around in the dark.

But don’t worry; the best micro-influencer agencies are available to run a profitable influencer marketing campaign for you while you can focus on strategizing your business growth. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the most prominent micro-influencer agencies in the industry. But before that, let’s have a quick look at what you will be dealing with when working with them.

Who Are Micro-Influencers?

Influencers with a follower base of approximately 10,000 to 50,000 followers are called micro-influencers.


As micro-influencer is more likely to have an active and targeted follower base, they are more capable of engaging with their followers. They are also more trusted by and connected to their followers, building social relationships. 

Moreover, social media users find micro-influencers more relatable and accessible. Therefore, they respond better to micro-influencers posts, providing valuable insights and perceiving their suggestions as peer recommendations. This P2P or word-of-mouth marketing opportunity, when combined with an effective influencer marketing strategy, makes a powerful impact and can be highly profitable for brands.

What Services Do Micro-Influencer Agencies Offer?

A micro-influencer agency manages influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of its client brands. They work towards achieving the highest possible ROI for each client by implementing the right techniques.

You can expect some or all of the following services from an established and reputable micro-influencer marketing agency.

  • Internal (client organization) and external (market) research.
  • Helping in identifying the campaign’s goal.
  • Formulating effective micro-influencer marketing strategies.
  • Identifying and connecting the right micro-influencer to the right brand.
  • Developing and sharing influencer media kit.
  • Organizing and managing the campaign by offering support for copywriting, blog posts, photoshoots, video production, etc.
  • Handles logistics and payments.
  • Evaluation of the campaign’s effectiveness, correcting problems, and optimizing future campaigns.

Top Micro-Influencer Agencies in the Industry

To expand your brand’s reach to a greater extent of the target market with the right micro-influencers, you need to make sure you are working with the right agency. Because of the rise in popularity of micro-influencer marketing, tons of agencies have been trying to profit from it. But not all of them are worth your resources.

Therefore, we have studied the market and compiled a list of the best micro-influencer agencies available that can improve your ROI and boost your brand awareness in the most cost-effective way. Let’s take a look!

1. inBeat Agency

Since its inception in 2018, inBeat Agency has been working with one goal – driving results. While its main operation is centralized in North America, the agency has expanded its reach to Canada, Singapore, and France as well. As of now, inBeat Agency has collaborated with over 16,000 micro-influencers available on a multitude of platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.


Its most notable clients are Nordstrom, Nissan, 7-Eleven, Team Viewer, New Balance, Melio, Mogo, and so on. The agency has proven its expertise in developing effective micro-influencer marketing campaigns for mobile apps, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and consumer product goods.

While connecting to the right micro-influencer for your brand, the agency also offers a team of experts to strategize your campaign and produce conversion-focused user-generated content (UGC) for it. As it uses a data-driven approach to each campaign, they are capable of developing scalable solutions combining influencer marketing with high-converting paid ads.

Key Aspects

  • Connection with over 25,000 micro-influencers
  • Turnkey micro-influencer technology
  • Offers social listening tools for the campaign’s evaluation
  • In-built ROI and analytics tracking opportunity
  • Offers a team of creative directors for content development
  • Transparent pricing model
  • Ideal for enterprises of every size
  • Provides research and strategizing services

2. ApexDrop

ApexDrop is one of the most cost-effective micro-influencer agencies, thanks to its unique payment feature. If you connect to a micro-influencer through this platform, you do not have to pay in cash. Instead, only by gifting your products, you will get authentic review content from the influencer. Therefore, if you have confidence in your product and want to run a low-cost influencer marketing campaign, ApexDrop will be perfect for you.


Many leading brands, including Claire’s, Russell Athletic, Swiss Gear, Soylent, iHome, and Constellation Brands, have run effective micro-influencer marketing campaigns with the support of ApexDrop. The agency primarily works with micro-influencers on Instagram and focuses on producing visually appealing content. 

Moreover, the agency is also the home to ApexPhotography, which consists of a team of creators who specialize in shooting license-free photographs and videos for any campaign. It also has a platform where you can access live data for your campaign and manage your content. 

Key Aspects

  • Automated system to manage large campaigns
  • Opportunity for brands to reuse micro-influencers content
  • A huge and diverse network of micro-influencers 
  • Authentic content to ensure your target market’s maximum trust
  • No cash payment, only product gifting
  • Offers a dedicated campaign developer and account manager for your campaign
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for KPI tracking
  • Affordable photography sessions with creators

3. The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Agency is one of the most reputed names among industry giants because of its reputation for running highly effective influencer marketing campaigns. This agency offers an ROI-driven, scalable, and full-service marketing solution, expanding your campaign’s reach to platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. 


Facebook, Google, Unilever, Dunkin’, Hilton, Amazon, Sony Music, Snapchat, and GrubHub are some of the notable brands the agency has worked with. It has also been featured on BBC, Business Insider, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, WSJ, Time, and many other popular business-centric news platforms.

The agency’s operations are currently focused on the USA. Its services include everything required to run and manage a micro-influencer marketing campaign, such as understanding your campaign’s objectives, conducting market research, setting KPIs, identifying your target audience, connecting you to the right influencers, contacting and managing them, content creation, tracking results, and so on. 

Key Aspects

  • Experienced in running influencer marketing campaigns for all sizes of brands
  • Great reputation
  • Offers a full range of marketing services
  • Offers in-house content creation and content guidelines
  • Tailored and optimized strategy for each campaign
  • Offers social media marketing services as well


With a vast network of over 500,000 influencers and a full-range influencer marketing service, ensures your brand has a wide reach on a global scale. So, whether you need a celebrity endorsement or a dozen micro-influencers vouching for your brand, can make anything happen. 


The agency has worked with many iconic brands, including Converse, Ulta, Bumble, Lyft, Coca-Cola, Google, etc. Its services include everything from connecting your brand to the right influencers, creating content, influencer management, shipping and fulfillment, paid amplification, and so on. In addition, its proprietary technology dashboard allows you to access real-time updates of your campaign and give your input.

Key Aspects

  • Offers digital content creation services that include animations, illustrations, and photography
  • Details analytics
  • A dedicated account manager for running each campaign
  • Takes care of shipping and fulfillment
  • ROI driving ad management
  • Ideal for large corporations, especially in the fashion and packaged goods industries
  • May be expensive for smaller enterprises

5. Zorka Agency

Zorka Agency primarily focuses on achieving goals through ROI and LTV (lifetime value) driven approaches. It has operations all over the world, including Latin America, North America, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Russia, and the Asia Pacific. The agency specializes in catering to the needs of the gaming industry.


Zorka has worked with several large companies such as AliExpress, Domino’s Pizza, Activision Blizzard, Gameloft, and Hennessy Cognac. Along with equipping you with the perfect-fit micro-influencers, the agency can also help you strategize and optimize your campaign. Moreover, they have a creative team to deliver highly effective content for your micro-influencer marketing campaigns.

The agency also offers fraud traffic detection services by integrating four dedicated tools. Thus, you can rest assured that your campaign will bring real results. Furthermore, by partnering with tools like Google Analytics, Sensor Tower, Adjust, Kochava, Apps Flyer, and Similar Web, Zorka gives you the best interface for tracking and analyzing your campaign’s KPIs.

Key Aspects

  • Offers full-range services for micro-influencer marketing campaigns
  • LTV and ROI- boosting strategies
  • Experienced in working for game developers
  • Offers tools for tracking and analytics
  • Offers monitoring system for traffic quality
  • Rapid optimization of campaigns
  • A creative team for content creation

6. Collectively, Inc.

Collectively’s most valuable asset is its 15 years of experience in influencer marketing. It is one of the pioneers that have brought creativity, data-driven strategy, and technology together to build the influencer marketing ecosystem. The agency has a long history of working with many known names around the business world, including Intel, HP, LinkedIn, Clinique, Bare Minerals, GMC, and so on.


Collectively offers a range of micro-influencer marketing management services, from initial market research and conceptualization to execution and reporting. It has collaborated with more than 7,500 influencers and executed over 1,700 campaigns. Currently, it has a collection of 18 million global influencer profiles. The agency’s operations are focused on North America, London, and Paris. 

Key Aspects

  • 15+ years of industry experience
  • Runs campaigns on a range of platforms
  • Expensive for smaller companies
  • Gives marketers access to state-of-the-art marketing technologies
  • Connection with an overwhelming number of global influencers
  • Provides social listening tools
  • Ideal for brands in automotive, retail, and non-profit sectors

7. Viral Nation

Viral Nation employs cutting-edge technologies, including AI, in its influencer marketing services. Since its inception in 2014, the agency has worked in a wide range of industries and highly diverse niches. Its operations are mainly focused on the USA and Canada. The agency runs micro-influencer marketing campaigns on almost all platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch, and Twitter.


Viral Nation’s key services include everything from sourcing micro-influencers to tracking KPIs and optimization. The agency has worked for companies like Disney, Campbell’s, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Meta Quest, Canon, Logitech, Baidu, and so on. It was also featured as one of the Top 200 Marketing Agencies by ChiefMarketers. Its campaigns won several awards as well.

Key Aspects

  • High-tech marketing solutions
  • Impressive client portfolio
  • Operations on all major platforms
  • Offers full-range digital services
  • Content creation services are available
  • Provides campaign optimization services
  • Runs ambassador programs
  • Rearrange your next influencer marketing campaign with more personalized content

8. Pulse Advertising

Pulse Advertising’s primary focus is to build a profitable relationship between your brand and your target audience. To achieve that, it combines social media management and paid social advertising with influencer marketing. The agency values both creativity and a data-driven approach to running each influencer marketing campaign’s overall social network platforms.


They have connections with a global network of micro-influencers with whom they deliver effective native content for your brand. Its operational locations include the USA, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

Pulse Advertising has worked with some of the industry-leading brands, including Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Unilever, Bing, Uber, Clean & Clear, H&M, Marriott, Estée Lauder, Puma, Gillette, and Nestlé. Its influencer network is available over platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, TikTok, and Twitch.

Key Aspects

  • Presence on a wide range of platforms
  • A rich client portfolio
  • Operating in a global context
  • Combines creativity and data-driven approaches
  • Offers full-range influencer marketing services

9. NeoReach

NeoReach’s data-driven approach and insights into key demographics allow it to connect your brand with the perfect micro-influencers. While the agency is determined to maintain real-time and proactive communication, it also focuses all its expertise on delivering your brand’s core messages through an authentic and creative storytelling process. While connecting you with micro-influencers, NeoReach also handles all the negotiations and legal contracts.


Although the agency offers a full range of influencer marketing services, it also gives you access to self-service software and APIs. With their help, you can conduct influencer marketing management, search, and tracking analytics by yourself.

Its client base includes brands like Clash, The History Channel, Tezos, Robinhood, SearchKibble, Macy’s, Netflix, etc. In fact, NeoReach generated 1.57 times the ROI for Macy’s and 1.33 times the ROI for Tezos.

Key Aspects

  • Offers innovative influencer marketing software
  • Allows for self-service in campaign management
  • Ensures effective turnouts
  • Has a talented management team for influencer marketing
  • Handles all the negotiation and legal processes
  • Optimizes campaigns for better conversions and brand recognition
  • Offers the opportunity to work with a vast network of bloggers, influencers, and content creators

10. August United

August United prioritizes the growth of its client brands. To boost your growth, the agency will pair you up with the perfect micro-influencers who are trusted by your target market. It is a full-service agency offering the most effective, social, and creative means to run your influencer marketing campaigns.


With a network of over 15 million influencers, August United can reach your target audience at the most specific niche level. With this network, it has run more than 1200 successful campaigns. The agency has connections with influencers on several major platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and Pinterest.

August United has worked for renowned companies like Microsoft, Kroger, Persil, and Pet Smart. It has also been featured in Forbes, AdWeek, NBC News, Entrepreneur, and Vox. The agency is widely known for integrating sophisticated intelligence cloud systems to retrieve meaningful data and track them.

Key Aspects

  • Integration of advanced technology such as IBM Watson and Google AI
  • A vast network of influencers across all major platforms
  • Capable of targeting even the most niche target markets
  • Offers full-range services
  • Works on building long-term partnerships between brands and micro-influencers

Why Should You Hire a Micro-Influencer Agency?

You should consider hiring a micro-influencer agency to ensure that your investment is giving you the best possible result. If you do it by yourself or with your in-house marketing department, it’s more likely that your investment will be at risk and other pressing needs of your business might go ignored. 

Micro-influencer agencies already have the experience and strategic connections with the micro-influencers that can help you run a profitable campaign. Moreover, they also have expertise in handling legal scenarios, reducing some risk factors for you as well. 

Therefore, having the support of a whole team of experts in running and managing micro-influencer marketing campaigns will reward you with more profit, better partnerships, less cost, boosted brand awareness, and more. In this age of misleading bot traffic, the benefits of partnering with micro-influencer agencies cannot be undermined. Hence, study the field thoroughly and choose the best agency for your brand.