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How To Get Influencers To Promote Your Product

How To Get Influencers To Promote Your Product

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When Marylin Monroe’s skirt flew in the air because of a passing subway and the flashing lights from the paparazzi cameras captured her elegance, the world was dazzled by a new definition of a starlet. After the Great Depression and Industrial Revolution, starlets became the new obsession. A star standing with a Chanel bag around their arm while tilting their body sensually drove people into a preposterous madness to buy that product for themselves. Stars embodied the soul of Hameln from “Rat catcher from Hameln”. Their aura was like the rhythm of Hameln’s flute, and everyone followed. This celebrity craze did not change this modern world as well but it became more simplified.

The modern phenomena of stardom has been dissected into many sub categories. With the recent boom of digital marketing, the new definition of a star is someone who influences not necessarily always by their aura but also by being relatable to you. Earlier a star was a far-fetched idea people only imagined but now the huge wall between a star and a general person is as thin as Muslin fabric. This changed the aspect of celebrities endorsing or marketing products. Let’s find out in this article. 

Who Are Infleucers?

An influencer is a person who has built a large following on digital platforms like social media, blog sites, or podcasts, and has the ability to influence the opinions and purchasing decisions of their followers. These influencers are often seen as experts of a particular niche and have established a strong reputation for their knowledge, authenticity, and engagement with their audience. That is why social media influencers are highly sought after by brands looking to expand their reach, increase their visibility, and engage with new audiences. Working with influencers allow brands to tap into the influencer’s network of followers, who may be more likely to trust and engage with a product recommendation from someone they follow and admire.

What Makes One An Influencer?

Considering the root word itself is “influence”, their identity lies in the word. Influencers influence in ways people from other professions cannot. In brief, an influencer is someone who has the ability to affect the behavior, opinions, or attitudes of others within a specific community or niche. While there is no set criteria for what makes someone an influencer, there are some. Common characteristics that tend to be associated with influential individuals are: 

  • Influencers are often considered experts in their field or niche and are seen as a trusted source of information. We can look into beauty influencers – they are trusted by their audience because people think they know more about makeup than the general public. They are also typically authentic and genuine, which helps to build trust and credibility with their followers.
  • Influencers have a large following on social media or other platforms, which gives them the ability to reach a large audience. They are often highly engaged with their followers, and actively respond to comments, messages, and other interactions. Influencers typically post content on a regular basis, which helps to build a loyal following and maintain their status as an authority in their field.

List of the Some Most Highly Sought-After Influencers

  1. Kim Kardashian 
  2. Kylie Jenner 
  3. Charli D’Amelio
  4. Khaby Lame
  5. Huda Kattan
  6. MrBeast
  7. Sommer Ray

How To Get Influencers To Promote Your Product

Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool for promoting a product or service, but it can be challenging to get influencers to promote your product. Here are some strategies to help you get started:

Identify the Right Influencers

The first step in getting influencers to promote your product is to identify the right influencers for your target audience. Look for influencers who are relevant to your niche or industry, and who have a strong following on social media or other platforms. For example, if you need an influencer to promote a comic book action figure from your company, it is better to contact an influencer who will review the type of action figure you are going to send. In simple words, the influencer needs to match your brand image so that their recommendations seem honest, organic and genuine.

Build Relationships

Once you have identified your potential influencers, start building relationships with them. Follow them on social media, engage with their content, and share their posts. This can help to establish a connection and build trust with the influencer. Otherwise, it may come across superficially to directly contact them or in some cases, it may drive some influencers away. Hence, it is important to build an authentic connection with the influencer. 

Offer Value

Influencers are often approached by brands looking to promote their products, so it’s important to offer something of value in return. This could include free products or services, exclusive discounts for their followers, or even payment for sponsored posts. You also need to have the knowledge to understand what value meets the promotional tasks they will perform and give them the appropriate remuneration. Recently, the giant makeup mogul company Morphe went bankrupt due to their dishonest valuation of influencers and corrupted policies. This is why it is vital to maintain integrity so that it benefits both parties. 

Be Clear About Expectations

When working with influencers, it’s important to be clear about your expectations for promotional endeavors. This includes the type of content you want them to create, the timeline for the promotion, and any specific messaging or hashtags you want them to include. In the recent Bangladeshi beauty community, there was a feud between a business owner and an influencer where the owner felt that the influencer properly did not promote their product despite paying a handsome amount. This happens especially because of not understanding the influencer type or setting a wrong expectation. 

Provide Creative Freedom

While it’s important to be clear about your expectations, it’s also important to give influencers creative freedom to create content that resonates with their audience. This can help to ensure that the promotion feels authentic and genuine, which is key to building trust with their followers.

Measure Results

Finally, it’s important to measure the results of the influencer marketing campaign. This can help you to determine the ROI of the campaign, and to identify any areas for improvement in future campaigns.


The Psychology Behind Hiring Influencers

Influencer marketing capitalizes on the psychological phenomenon called the “Halo Effect”, whereby individuals look to others to determine what is acceptable or desirable behavior. Social media influencers have amassed large followers, creating a perceived sense of authority and trustworthiness, making them ideal candidates to promote products and services to their audience. Additionally, influencers often utilize persuasive communication techniques such as storytelling, relatability, and product demonstrations to increase their credibility and convince their followers to purchase promoted products. This creates a sense of social pressure to conform and imitate the behavior of the influencer, ultimately leading to increased sales and brand awareness for the sponsoring company. 

Final Thoughts

Influencers are humans and they have their own distinct personalities. Getting them to promote your product requires a combination of relationship building, offering value, clear communication, creative freedom, and measuring results. By following these strategies, you can increase the likelihood of a successful influencer marketing campaign.