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Youtube Influencers

How To Find Youtube Influencers for Your Brand?

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With the explosion in the popularity of influencers, marketers are now scrambling to find the best YouTube influencers for the brands they work with. YouTube is the second highest-visited website worldwide, right behind its parent company Google. There are approximately 1.5 million to 5 million YouTube influencers, according to EarthWeb. Thus, brands have a strong chance of finding the right YouTube influencers to help grow their online business. 

Why Should You Choose A YouTube Influencer For Your Brand?

According to Statista, as of 2022, 2.6 billion people worldwide use the video-sharing website YouTube. Moreover, viewers watch over one billion hours of videos, which makes it the perfect platform to collaborate with influencers and market your product.

YouTube will continue to rule the video streaming market for the foreseeable future. The platform makes a ton of money from in-stream and pre-roll advertisements. However, the viewers bypass ads to watch videos produced by their favorite influencers. That’s why collaborating with Youtube influencers often produces better results.

Youtube Influencers

8 Easy Methods To Find YouTube Influencers For Your Brand

If you’re looking for the perfect influencer to successfully represent your brand to their audience, here are some methods you can try. 

1. Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing platforms are one of the most popular and reliable ways to find YouTube influencers for your brand. The majority of these platforms give you the liberty to find your desired influencer based on key categories, metrics, or a set of keywords. Some platforms even allow you to look for compatible YouTube influencers that you can develop the best possible partnership with. In addition, these applications include a lot of filters that let you narrow your search to the most minute details, such as a certain region, the number of followers, the topics they discuss, and their engagement rate.

  • Grin:

Grin emphasizes the importance of searching for influencers that best align with your brand. Its influencer audience report shows you a credibility score to indicate how genuine an account’s engagement is, along with other key audience metrics. It features tools for every function of influencer marketing, such as, relationship management, reporting & analytics, content management, product seeding, payments, and discovery & recruiting.

  • Upfluence: 

Upfluence performs two specific things to simplify the discovery process. First, you can give each criterion a “weight” so that the algorithm can determine which is more crucial. Second, the platform won’t display any influencers until you’ve reduced the number of results in your search to a manageable number. Additionally, Upfluence maintains a database of more than a million influencers from various social media platforms.

  • Traackr: 

One of the oldest influencer marketing networks, Traackr, works best for established or large brands. Traackr’s influencer relationship management (IRM) software aims to help locate potential influencers based on the interests of your audience and the type of content you are searching for. Traackr’s algorithm searches through billions of postings on all major social media platforms, including YouTube, to find influencers posting about your desired topics. 


Influencers active on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are the primary focus of Their main function covers locating influencers and producing and disseminating content. Moreover, it has also indicated that it would become a platform for creators to advertise affiliate items and run affiliate networks.

2. Keep Track Of The YouTube Trending Tab

Start your quest for the top YouTube content creators easily by keeping yourself updated on the YouTube trending tab. The Explore tab displays all of the most popular videos across a variety of genres, including music, games, news, sports, etc. 

All you have to do is simply log into YouTube and click on the ‘Trending’ tab on the left of the screen. It automatically shows you the top trending videos at that moment. You can also refine your search by typing specific keywords that are related to your business or niche into the search bar.

The creators that appear on the trending tab are well-known in their field and have access to a large audience. However, keep in mind that the influencers that are popular now may not be there tomorrow. Influencers are not created by a single viral video. So, before choosing them, thoroughly examine the quality of their content as well.

Youtube Influencers

3. Explore Social Media Platforms

Just because you’re seeking YouTube influencers doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to utilizing only YouTube to find the best fit.

Influencers frequently maintain profiles on several social media networks. It’s not necessarily true that someone with a sizable YouTube following will also have a sizable Instagram or Twitter following. But they do have a dedicated and engaged community of followers.

There are many influencers on platforms like Instagram where they’re running a successful YouTube channel with way more followers. For example, Kayla Ann, who only has 2,352 followers on Instagram, shows all the fun activities and challenges she loves doing on her YouTube channel named PurpleStars02 with her 1.69M subscribers. 

4. Hashtags

Searching for individuals using hashtags on social media is another fantastic technique to discover influential people that are appropriate for your brand. Hashtags are often used and are quite popular in YouTube. Searching for hashtags that are relevant to your brand and industry can help you find relevant influencers. Besides, if you’re just getting started with influencer marketing and have a very minimal budget that you can’t spend on outreach, this is the best choice.

To increase the discoverability of content, creators increasingly include relevant hashtags in the titles and descriptions of their videos. By looking through the hashtag search results, you may locate thousands of relevant YouTubers. Just type ‘sponsored’ or ‘ad’ + your niche or special keyword to find a list of suitable YouTube influencers. By doing so, you can manually examine the influencer’s channels and overall engagement.

5. Search On Google

Anything can be found on Google, even YouTube influencers. Check out the search results for “your industry + YouTuber.” You’ll come across several links highlighting the top YouTubers in your specialized field. Be as specific as you can. You’ll most likely find all the top names in the industry when you conduct a search using this method.

Be as detailed as you can in your search to identify the ones that meet your budget. For instance, try looking for “best eyelashes” or “skincare” YouTubers rather than “beauty vloggers.” Additionally, search through the top videos under the “Video” page to find relevant influencers.

6. Influencer Events And Webinars

Influencers are typically scouted by marketers online, using various techniques or websites. However, influencers frequently gather at live events and webinars, making these the ideal venues for reaching out to them. The best thing is that both macro and micro-influencers attend these events, making it possible for you to connect with the right individuals suitable for your brand.

By taking part in different discussions or workshops, you can meet tons of influencers and get to know them better as well as the type of content they create. Besides, the majority of the influencers that attend these events are searching for sponsors to support them.

So, there’s a good chance that you’ll locate the ideal YouTube influencer there and can begin preliminary discussions about working together. However, the competition will be higher as there are going to be other brands and marketers present for the same purpose. Hence, make sure you’re prepared to explain to the influencer what you can do for them and why you’re the best company to represent them.

Youtube Influencers

7. Launching A Brand Ambassador Program

A brand ambassador program is one of the most effective ways to find influencers genuinely interested in your brand. Hiring brand ambassadors also mean you can do long-term collaborations with influencers who love your products.

The goal is to create a brand ambassador program that highlights both the advantages of becoming an ambassador and the exclusivity of the program. Build a dedicated landing page for the ambassador program, so that if someone searches for your brand name + ambassador name, it pops up. Without a landing page, you won’t be able to boost your brand’s visibility effectively. 

8. Hire An Agency

Lastly, you can always go to YouTube influencer marketing agencies for help and pass the work on to professionals. These dedicated influencer marketing agencies can help you find the best influencers according to your requirements.

Additionally, working with an agency frees up your time so you can concentrate on other areas of your business rather than spending all of it on influencer research. Finally, an influencer marketing company can locate appropriate YouTube influencers for you based on your objectives and financial constraints.

Wrapping Up

The smartest business move you can make for your business in 2022 is to start using influencer marketing. However, finding the right influencer for your business isn’t a cakewalk. Have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in your influencer when shortlisting them. Make sure you get on the train before your competitor is far ahead of you as the YouTube influencer marketing sector is beginning to flourish and realize its potential.